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Turkish DJs' GECCE excitement

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Turkish DJs' GECCE excitement
The GECCE Club Event night, organized by Sydney’s Turkish DJ's group, consisting of Turkish DJs, took place on Saturday, June 10th at Darlinghurst The Ox.

High Interest in “GECCE”
There was a high level of interest in  GECCE with long queues forming outside The Ox club even before it started. The party began at 9:00 PM when the doors opened.

“GECCE”: A Team of Experienced DJs

Kicked off the night with a 1.5-hour set by Ahmet Polat, who is still one of the Master DJs at PowerFM and has performed at various events in Turkey and Australia, followed by DJ İlker Aydın, known for his energetic music and his spirited performance of the İzmir March Anthem, made a memorable impact. Cem Dadaloğlu (DJ Cem), a well-known Turkish DJ within the Australian Turkish community, further amplified the excitement with his energetic music ranging from Turkish pop to some of Turkey’s traditional music. DJ Teflon Murat, who has showcased his talent in Sydney's famous clubs, took the guests to the pinnacle of entertainment with a program featuring a blend of current Turkish and English music. The GECCE night concluded with a 30-minute final program by DJ Ahmet Polat, ending the night at 2:00 AM.

Participants left the event Happily where the GECCE organisers expressed their happiness about the great interest in the event and the fact that the participants left the venue with a sense of enjoyment and contentment. They also announced that the date for the second GECCE event will be announced soon.

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